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Patient Review by Alexander B

Dr. Whitman and staff were very thorough and complete in removing the 4 wisdom teeth. He also followed up with a call later on to see how i was doing. Really appreciate hearing directly from my doctor.

- Alexander B

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Patient Review by Jason S.

Excellent experience. Friendly staff and Dr. Tillery was extremely knowledgeable and kind. Definitely recommend!

- Jason S.

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Patient Review by Nate M

Excellent experience. Very informative and professional.

- Nate M

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Patient Review by Joyce J

The Dr & staff were very cordial and helpful. My visit was very pleasant.

- Joyce J

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Patient Review by Ronald M

Although the procedure is unpleasant (extraction) Dr. Tillery and his staff always makes me feel comfortable, relaxed and reassures me that I am in good hands. Thank you all!

- Ronald M

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Patient Review by Susan W

Dr Tillery has always warm, knowledgeable and professional. He has an amazing skill set which allows the Patient to know they have received excellent care with great follow up.

- Susan W

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Patient Review by Robert S

My 94 year old Mother had fallen and caused damage to her teeth. After going to see a dentist she was referred to Oral Surgeon Dr. Whitman. Since Mother was very nervous about being there I was amazed how easily Dr. Whitman put her at ease. He described what needed to be done and that she would feel no pain and it would take about 30 minutes. I Thank him for his Chair Side matter, as she now feels reassured about having the work done. His staff were also very kind and understanding which is a plus when anyone goes to the Dentist to have major work done. I love my Mother and she deserves the Best and I feel that Dr. Whitman and his staff are for sure in that category. Thank You All Very Much, Richard Spencer

- Robert S

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Patient Review by Mary B

After suffwering with an infected tooth, to have such a olease t experience is a gift. So professional, so nice and no more pain. Thank you

- Mary B

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Patient Review by S R

Great service!

- S R

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Patient Review by Yesit B

They are great

- Yesit B

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Patient Review by Richard M

Dr. Martinez is a true professional. He also has a very relaxing demeanor and when most normal humans do not enjoy having teeth pulled or being put to sleep, he made me feel that it was no big deal and very easy. It is not easy... his job that is... however, he knows what he is doing and I trust that anytime I would need and oral surgeon he would be the person that would take great care of me. THANK YOU>

- Richard M

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Patient Review by Kyajahia L

I love the experience it was amazing

- Kyajahia L

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Patient Review by Jennifer W

My daughter came home from college for her Spring Break week with new discomfort from her wisdom teeth. After seeing our dentist the day after she came home, we learned that she needed to see an oral surgeon. I called OOFS on a Tuesday afternoon and spoke with Heidi. She was extremely courteous and fit my daughter in at 7:30 the very next morning for a consultation with Dr. Whitman. What an awesome doctor! On that Wednesday morning he checked her teeth out and said he didn’t want her going back to college the next week with pain. He fit her in and by 10:00 we were out the door with all four wisdom teeth gone. Felicia was caring and calmed my daughter’s nervousness. Not only was Dr. Whitman compassionate and empathetic, his professionalism and skill was very apparent. My daughter felt safe and cared for, and now she won’t risk pain for the rest of this college year. The office staff personnel even called our dental insurance and figured out our coverage. The woman who helped us spoke “the insurance language” and all went smoothly with payment, too! The experience went beyond all expectations. If I could rate them a 10 out of 10, I would.

- Jennifer W

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Patient Review by Caroline M

I had double jaw surgery done by Dr. Whitman back in April 2018, he did a great job super easy post surgery recovery for my self personally. Definitely would recommend Dr. Whitman to anybody needing Orthonathic surgery. I came all the way from Sarasota and am very glad that I made the decision to do so! The office did a great job accommodating to my scheduling needs being 2 hours away! 10/10 would recommend

- Caroline M

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Patient Review by Alli C

Very nice staff! Very understanding and friendly highly recommending to all friends and family

- Alli C

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Patient Review by karen s


- karen s

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Patient Review by Elissa M

Very Happy with my experience. Very professional and they all have a good sense of humor.

- Elissa M

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Patient Review by Kelsey S

Dr. Aaron Campbell performed my wisdom teeth extraction and I would recommend him to ANYONE who needs this procedure done. He is very knowledgeable about this subject and will answer any of your questions, no matter how many! His demeanor is very calm which put me to ease as I was apprehensive at having this done. Overall, he did an excellent job, I have very minimal pain and I am writing this review the very same day of my surgery so hopefully that tells you something! Thank you, Dr. Campbell, and the whole team for making this the best experience I could have had...considering it is still surgery!

- Kelsey S

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Patient Review by Antwan LaPree B

Awesome experience with Dr Whitman and staff! Came in to have two wisdom teeth extracted. The staff was awesome and very courteous from the first phone call all the way to pre surgery. Dr Whitman had great bedside manner. Had a smile on his face the whole time during the initial consultation and was very thorough in educating me on what to expect for my procedure. You could tell he loved his job and the compassion he has for his patients is evident right away. To top it off, the guy does a ton of procedures daily and still took the time to call me personally to check on me well into the evening of my procedure, something he easily could've delegated to his admin but he didn't. Healthcare these days seems to be all about money but Dr Whitman and staff are about people. I wholeheartedly recommend them, please give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

- Antwan LaPree B

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Patient Review by Clara C

I planned to have my four wisdom teeth extractions with Pablo Martinez, D.M.D. at his Winter Springs office on August 2017. I had heard from everyone but bad things about this procedure, so I showed to Dr. Martinez’s office very nervous. I thought that scheduling an appointment with a Hispanic doctor would be helpful (because of the familiarity with my language, identification with my culture and customs, among other). However, Dr. Martinez was very rude. He explained nothing to me about the procedure and he was very unprofessional (screaming at me). I really hope he was just having a bad day when he took care of me and other patients that day. I really felt very uncomfortable, poorly attended, and would definitely not go back to his office ever again.

- Clara C

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