Bone Grafting for Implants

Do I Have Enough Bone?

After tooth extraction, if the walls of the socket are very thick, they will usually fill naturally with bone in two to three months. However, when the walls of your socket are very thin (such as in your upper and lower front teeth), this type of healing will not be as predictable. In these situations, a bone graft is often placed at the time of tooth extraction to help your body fill in the empty socket with bone. This step will maintain the width and volume of bone you will need for implant placement several months later.

An example of a jaw with inadequate front bone structure to support an implant
1. Inadequate Bone
A depiction of the placed bone grafting material to increase the bone structure
2. Graft Material Placed
A representation of dental implants placed after bone grafting
3. Implants Placed

There may be inadequate bone for implant placement if your tooth was removed many years ago and your bony ridge is extremely thin. In this case, a bone graft can be placed next to the thin bone and allowed to heal for up to six months. After the graft has fused to your pre-existing bone, the ridge will be re-entered and the implant placed. Bone grafting is usually a relatively comfortable office procedure. Many different bone-grafting materials are available, including your own bone.

A jaw lacking enough bone in the back of the mouth for a dental implant
1. Inadequate Bone
An example of a dental implant after adding jaw structure with bone grafting
2. Graft Material and Implant Placed

You may also need bone grafting if the sinus cavities in your upper jaw are very large, or very low, and extend into the tooth-bearing areas. This often occurs when teeth in the back of a person’s upper jaw have been removed many years before, and the amount of bone available for implant placement is limited. A “sinus grafting procedure” is then required. Most often, it is performed in the office with local anesthesia and perhaps sedation. During this procedure, the membrane that lines the sinus will be located and elevated. Bone will then be added to restore the bone height and ensure that dental implants of an adequate length can be placed. This procedure often can be performed at the time of implant placement.

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Very Happy with my experience. Very professional and they all have a good sense of humor.

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Dr. Aaron Campbell performed my wisdom teeth extraction and I would recommend him to ANYONE who needs this procedure done. He is very knowledgeable about this subject and will answer any of your questions, no matter how many! His demeanor is very calm which put me to ease as I was apprehensive at having this done. Overall, he did an excellent job, I have very minimal pain and I am writing this review the very same day of my surgery so hopefully that tells you something! Thank you, Dr. Campbell, and the whole team for making this the best experience I could have had...considering it is still surgery!

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Awesome experience with Dr Whitman and staff! Came in to have two wisdom teeth extracted. The staff was awesome and very courteous from the first phone call all the way to pre surgery. Dr Whitman had great bedside manner. Had a smile on his face the whole time during the initial consultation and was very thorough in educating me on what to expect for my procedure. You could tell he loved his job and the compassion he has for his patients is evident right away. To top it off, the guy does a ton of procedures daily and still took the time to call me personally to check on me well into the evening of my procedure, something he easily could've delegated to his admin but he didn't. Healthcare these days seems to be all about money but Dr Whitman and staff are about people. I wholeheartedly recommend them, please give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

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I planned to have my four wisdom teeth extractions with Pablo Martinez, D.M.D. at his Winter Springs office on August 2017. I had heard from everyone but bad things about this procedure, so I showed to Dr. Martinez’s office very nervous. I thought that scheduling an appointment with a Hispanic doctor would be helpful (because of the familiarity with my language, identification with my culture and customs, among other). However, Dr. Martinez was very rude. He explained nothing to me about the procedure and he was very unprofessional (screaming at me). I really hope he was just having a bad day when he took care of me and other patients that day. I really felt very uncomfortable, poorly attended, and would definitely not go back to his office ever again.

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My 4 year old daughter had her tooth pulled because of trauma. Dr. Whitman and staff are amazing. They were so kind and helpful. They made my daughter and myself feel very welcome. They explained everything and I would definitely recommend them!

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From the scheduling staff to the doctor I truly felt taken care off. They were so nice and friendly. Dr. Martinez took great care of me he was very professional gentle and kind. I felt at home. I would recommend him to everyone I know that needs any procedure done

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I was very nervous to get my wisdom teeth taken out but Dr. Goldberg and his staff made me very comfortable. They made the whole process very easy.

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My entire experience from beginning to end was EXCELLENT. I was referred to Orlando Oral & Facial Surgery by my dentist and was lucky enough to get placed in the care of Dr. Aaron Campbell. At my wisdom teeth consultation I was obviously nervous and scared about surgery. He explained everything and put me at ease. On the day of surgery he helped me relax and the procedure was over before I knew it. I woke up in virtually no pain. THE BEST PART: Dr. Campbell CALLED ME! Later in the evening on the day of my surgery, my doctor called me personally to make sure I was doing okay after the procedure. Not his assistant, not a front desk receptionist, but the actual person who did my surgery called me to check in on me the same day of surgery. You don't get that kind of patient care just anywhere and I wholeheartedly appreciate Dr. Campbell making what was a scary process for me as easy as possible. Thank you Dr. Campbell and thank you to my amazing nurse Judy and the awesome PA, Andi I had at my consultation. Absolutely amazing physician and staff!

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Dr Campbell and his staff are the best!!! I would recommend them to anyone who needs dental work done, and wants the best of the best!!! Thank You again!!!

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I had a 5-star experience with Dr. Goldberg both to his gentle surgery, as well as his super bed-side patient experience. What separates Dr. Goldberg from other doctors is his caring manner, and his true attentions to have empathy for his patients. I would recommend Dr. Goldberg to anyone looking for an oral surgeon

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I needed 3 dental implants and when I ask my dentist who he would go to he said Dr. Goldberg. I did some research on his education and training and was very impressed and confidant he having him do my implants. He was Chief of Resident in oral maxillofacial surgery University of Miami Hospital d & had extensive training in maxillofacial trauma & advanced bone grafting. Dental implants cannot be done properly in just one day. This procedure when done correctly takes months and patience. Above all a skilled oral surgeon like Dr. Goldberg. I have just completed 3 dental implants with bone grafting and was amazed how minimal the recovery was. He used special ct guidance for placement of the dental implants. I appreciate his f/u care and phone calls checking on me after the surgery and even giving his cell phone if I needed him. I highly recommend him and will return to him again if ever needed. Sincerely, Gina


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Everyone was so nice and made my visit as pleasant as possible. What a great office. Thank you Dr. Whitman for being so kind.

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Highly recommended

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This was my first time to meet dr whitman for my wisdom tooth. I am so glad that they treat me like a family member realy i would recommend this dr whitman for any kind of situations you have for your tooth From now i will go to dr whitman only. I would like to thank the all staf members who take care of myself during my surgery.

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Great experience!

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Great staff and doctors! Thank you!

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Had a great experience!

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Patient Review by Michelle S

Great staff and doctors! Thank you!

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