Patient Review by GINA G

I needed 3 dental implants and when I ask my dentist who he would go to he said Dr. Goldberg. I did some research on his education and training and was very impressed and confidant he having him do my implants. He was Chief of Resident in oral maxillofacial surgery University of Miami Hospital d & had extensive training in maxillofacial trauma & advanced bone grafting. Dental implants cannot be done properly in just one day. This procedure when done correctly takes months and patience. Above all a skilled oral surgeon like Dr. Goldberg. I have just completed 3 dental implants with bone grafting and was amazed how minimal the recovery was. He used special ct guidance for placement of the dental implants. I appreciate his f/u care and phone calls checking on me after the surgery and even giving his cell phone if I needed him. I highly recommend him and will return to him again if ever needed. Sincerely, Gina


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